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I am Anouchka Lototzky, mosaic artist, teacher, floristry enthusiast and founder of this Atelier 21. My roots are in Switzerland and in France. Many years ago I met my Australian soul mate in Mexico and since then we travel this life together.

The reason I am here today started twenty years ago, when I laid my first mosaic stone while living in Sydney, Australia, and from then on I followed my path and my dream. On this journey I got to create many exciting mosaic assignments for bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools and floors.

What I love about this craft is the shear endless scope of its applications. I believe in the future of traditional craft and I am passionate about assembling small pieces of broken jards and making something beautiful out of it. There is a place for decorative objects that take craftsmanship, patience and a vision in order to materialise. Creating a mosaic takes time, perseverance and an eye for the bigger picture. It is an exercise in slowness and has been compared to being in a meditative state of mind.


Depending on the location and function of the mosaic, certain technical aspects must be taken into account. Here in my studio I provide the necessary space, the tools and materials to execute a mosaic and I very much enjoy assisting class participants through the process of creation.

To my love for mosaic, I have more recently added another passion: the growing and arranging of flowers and leaves.  My preference is for the wilder rather than the formal type of arrangements. The one you don’t necessarily learn at floristry school, where imperfection and negative space are part of the final piece. After a short and intensive training in Bath, England, I feel empowered to now share this craft in my studio as well. In my ‘Classes’ section you will find workshops for wreaths (summer and winter ones), centerpieces, flower crowns and bouquets.

To be always informed about the current courses and to receive other tips and input from me, sign up for my newsletter. Your data will remain strictly with me and if it should get too much for you, you can unsubscribe at any time. Either way, I hope you will pass by my studio for a chat, a coffee or a course. See you soon or drop me a note.

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